Maternity Adoption Agencies and Homes - New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Vincentís Infant and Maternity Home (Associated Catholic Charities)
1507 Magazine St., New Orleans - This location is now a hotel, St. Vincent's Guest House

St. Vincent's Infant and Maternity Home

In 1727, Ursuline nuns stepped onto Louisiana soil in the area now known as the Ninth Ward of New Orleans to care for the citizens of Louisiana.

In 1853 New Orleans was decimated by the worst outbreak of yellow fever in its history, seven priests and five sisters being among its victims. On 6 March, 1854, the School Sisters of Notre Dame arrived in New Orleans to take charge of St. Joseph's Asylum, founded to furnish homes for those orphaned by the epidemic. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum was also opened as a home for foundling and infant orphans and entrusted to the Sisters of Charity.

Although nearly three centuries have passed, the legacy of the Ursuline nuns continues through "Catholic Charities" and its mission to care for those in need. Incorporated in 1938, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans offers life-giving programs, advocates for the voiceless and empowers the most vulnerable to foster a more just society.

Contact Danna Cousins at Catholic Charities, Search & Reunion

Catholic Charities Adoption Services
3019 N. Arnoult Road
Metairie, LA 7000

Sellers Baptist Home (Sellers Home for Unwed Mothers)
2010 Peniston St., New Orleans - This location is now a non-profit organization, Community Shares Of Louisiana

The Louisiana Baptist Children's Home (LBCH) has been taking care of children and families in need since 1899. Through the support of friends around the world we are able to provide help and hope without cost to those who cannot afford care and without the support of government placement funds. LBCH provides residential childcare for children grades kindergarten through twelfth, foster family care for preschool children and children needing more individual care, professional Christian counseling through the Granberry Counseling Centers, maternity care for young unwed girls and adoption services through Sellers Maternity Ministries.

Louisiana Baptist Children's Home
(AKA Sellers Baptist Home)
P.O. Box 4196
Monroe, LA 71211

Volunteers of America (VOA)
Many locations!
1432 Magazine St.(1960) Booth Maternity Home (?)
1514 Peniston St. (1965)
VOA St.Charles Ave.
Canal St.

VOA Maternity Home VOA Canal St.

In 1915, a Magazine Street home was donated to Volunteers of America to help indigent women and children.
No one was turned away. In 1942, because of increased demand, the property became a maternity home, providing proper medical care, residential care and counseling.

Eventually, Volunteers of America operated two other maternity homes--on St. Charles Avenue and in Mandeville. We became a licensed adoption agency in 1948. As times changed, there was no need for maternity homes, yet we continue to serve birthparents and adoptive couples with services that help them make decisions that are right for their individual situations. - VOANO Website 2011

VOA Adoption Services
4152 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

Protestant Home for Babies
1219 8th St. (Annex)
1233 8th St.

Protestant Home for Babies

Protestant Home for Babies was located in the lavish and historic Garden District of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was established in 1926 by community women seeking to provide a shelter for destitute infants. In 1959, maternity services were added to provide short-term shelter for pregnant young women. The shelter continued to provide for adoptable and homeless infants. By 1974 the community's needs for maternity home services decreased and the Board of Directors discontinued the maternity and infant shelters.  A group home was established for adolescent girls in need of a nurturing home environment. In 1979, the agency's name was officially changed from Protestant Home for Babies to Raintree Services.


Adoption records for Protestant Home for Babies are now kept in Baton Rouge. Call 1-800-259-2456 for more information, to obtain your non-identifying information and to register with the LA state registry.

Methodist Home of New Orleans
815 Washington Ave., New Orleans - The Methodist Home may still operate at this location.

Founded in 1886 by the United Methodist Church as the Methodist Home Hospital, the organization originally provided care for unwed mothers and served as an adoption agency. In 1973, it became an emergency shelter for abandoned, abused and neglected children in the state's custody. In 1988, it became a licensed residential treatment facility for children in crisis. In 1996, the name was changed to The Methodist Home for Children to better reflect our commitment to care for abused, abandoned and neglected children.

Methodist Home for Children
Louisiana Methodist Children's Home
Post Office Box 929
Ruston, LA 71273

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