Please note that Protestant Home for Babies is no longer in operation. All records have been turned over to the state of Louisiana and are in Baton Rouge. Please contact the official Louisiana Adoption Registry at 1-800-259-2456. I am a reunited adoptee from Protestant Home for Babies dedicated to helping others in their search for information.

Protestant Home for Babies was an adoption and maternity home located in the lavish and historic Garden District of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was established in 1926 by community women seeking to provide a shelter for destitute infants. In 1959, maternity services were added to provide short-term shelter for pregnant young women. The shelter continued to provide for adoptable and homeless infants. By 1974 the community's needs for maternity home services decreased and the Board of Directors discontinued the maternity and infant shelters. A group home was established for adolescent girls in need of a nurturing home environment. In 1979, the agency's name was officially changed from Protestant Home for Babies to Raintree Services.

1233 Eighth Street New Orleans, LA 70115 Historical Protetsant Home for Babies home in New Orleans, LA
1233 Eighth Street New Orleans, LA 70115

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Today, many adoptees and birth-families from the Protestant Home for Babies, and other maternity homes all over Louisiana and the United States, search for each other on the Internet. Many states still maintain sealed records and continue to keep this information sealed even after the adoptee and the birth parents mutually find each other by way of the Internet or otherwise. Several states have measures allowing adult adoptees access to their birth records or provide an intermediary to assist in a possible search and reunion. Louisiana remains a sealed records state despite great efforts by proactive groups such as the Louisiana Adoption Advocates

These mansions stand in the center of large grounds and rise, garlanded with roses, out of the midst of swelling masses of shining green foliage and many-colored blossoms. No houses could well be in better harmony with their surroundings, or more pleasing to the eye. -- Mark Twain, speaking of the Garden District.

Raintree Services is a non-sectarian social service organization still operating today at the same location and provides assistance to more than 400 children each year. For adoption search inquiries, they will direct you to records now held in Baton Rouge 1-800-259-2456, register and request your "non-id" at this number.